2022 - 2023
School Year Registration

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Any new enrollments as of December 1st will not begin classes until the week of January 3rd!
Charlotte Allstar Gymnastics and Cheerleading offers a School Year Session that runs from August 29th, 2022 through May 26th, 2023. We have on-going registration throughout the school year. Parents have the option to choose from a variety of classes that they feel best fit for their athlete. 

Charlotte Allstars does not follow all of the school closing schedules. We are closed on the dates listed below:

September 5th


November 23rd - 25th

December 19th - December 30th
Classes resume Tuesday January 3rd, 2023.

CAGC does not close during Spring Break. 

Registration fees and first month fees will be charged upon registration. CAGC will process payment once registration is received (families will post the fee to their account and CAGC will process the payment). If your fist month is a partial month, CAGC will prorate the first month's tuition. The automatic draft will begin on the 1st of every month following until the end of the School Year Session, unless CAGC receives a 30 day drop notice. Charlotte Allstars does not offer make-up classes for any circumstances including closings due to inclement weather.

The class(es) in August are included in September's tuition and make up for some months having less than 4 classes due to holidays.



All Star Cheer FUNdamental for ages 8 Yrs. and up. Your athlete can learn the fundamentals of cheer, dance, and tumbling in a new exciting program.



Twinkle Stars

All Star Cheer FUNdamental for ages 5 to 8 Yrs. Your athlete can learn the fundamentals of cheer, dance, and tumbling in a exciting program. 


Intro. to Tumbling

No Skills Required (Coed 5 Yrs. & UP)

Bases or Flyers Looking to Improve Skills for Stunting


Level 1 Tumbling

Cartwheel, Handstand, Forward Roll, Backward Roll, and Backbend Required (Coed 7 Yrs. & Up)

Level 2 Tumbling

Strong Cartwheels, Roundoffs, Back Walkover, and Front Walkover Required (Based on Skill Set)


Boys Tumbling

Intermediate - Advanced Tumbling for Boys

Level 4 & Up Tumbling

Strong Roundoff Back Handspring Tuck/Layout, Standing Three Back Handspring, and Front Tuck Required


Level 3 Tumbling

Back Handspring and Roundoff Back Handspring Series (Based on Skill Set)