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Lil' Bit Fit Time is a Parent-led open play time in our facility for you and your Lil' Bit (Toddler). With your guidance, your Lil' Bit can keep active by jumping on the trampoline, crawling through obstacles, and enjoying time with friends. This is a play time designated for "Toddlers to TK' (children just starting to walk, up to age 5 and not yet in Kindergarten). Homeschool nor virtual learning students will be able to attend Lil' Bit Fit Time.

Pre-Registration is required, absolutely no walk ins. 


Pre-Registration is REQUIRED (Register Below)
Registration will open at 12:00 pm the Sunday prior. 

Mon - Fri.
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Toddlers - TK with an adult

$6 per child 
Credit Card Payment Upon Registration ONLY (Charlotte Allstars will process the fee once registration notification is received)
(ABSOLUTELY No refunds will be given in the event of a no show)

*Please note we strictly enforce our age limit. This a toddler free time ONLY. Older siblings will not be allowed to play in the gym or "hang out" in facility during Lil' Bit Fit Time. 

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