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Gymnastics Recreational Instructor

Under the direction of our Gym Manager and Recreational Gymnastics Director, the Gymnastics Recreational Instructor will implement monthly lesson plans when teaching recreational gymnastics.

What we expect from you... 

  • Teach amazing classes while using our monthly lesson plans

  • Provide outstanding customer service. We treat our members like family!

You'd fit in at Charlotte Allstar Gymnastics & Cheerleading if...

  • You are totally open to be a goofball and love celebrating kid's success. 

  • You live to serve! Making others feel good makes you feel good. 

  • You love to have fun but you know when to buckle down and do work. 

You may think we are awesome because...

  • Kids walk out of our classes counting down the days to their next class. 

  • You will get your steps in and close your activity rings while you work, because you will be moving all day!

  • You could get paid to spot a cartwheel or you could get paid to act like an alligator. The choice is all yours. 

  • We get to build relationships with kids and their families and those relationships last a lifetime!

Essential Responsibilities: 

  • Provide proper instruction; demonstrate/spot skills based on class level. Supervise all activities closely. 

  • Ensure complete understanding of the training and background of each student including their limitations. 

  • Maintain effective and timely communication with staff and parents regarding program news, changes, and other necessary information. 

  • Maintain attendance sheets and communicate with gym manager when you notice a large number of absences

  • Attend all staff meetings and trainings

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